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High-Security Locks

Our locksmiths will fit and provide all the high-security locks you need.

High-Security Door Lock replacement & fitting service

Are you in need of high-security locks for your house or place of business? Londoner Locksmith is an expert when it comes to replacing or fitting all types of high-security locks. Reach out and let our locksmiths take care of your security.

We will assess, advise, choose the lock together and fit it professionally. With Londoner Locksmith there’s nothing to be stressed about when choosing to improve your security.

Call us at 07309666595 and we will be there in 30 minutes.

Tailored Solutions We can offer 24-hour

We are a fast-response company always ready to help you with the best quality solutions. Here, we can include the high-security locks. About our tailored solutions when it comes to high-security locks:

1. A Wide Range of BS and High-Security Locks:

We offer an extensive selection of high-security door locks. Of course, we are using reputable security brands, so you can be sure you will have great quality together with the best installation. Whether you require additional deadbolts, mortice locks, BS cylinders, or slide or surface bolt lock installation, the locksmith will have you covered.

2. Professional Initial Security Consultation:

Are you unsure of the best lock type for your property? We have a team of experts and security specialists available to assist you. Because each property is different you might need different solutions to be fully secured. We will always offer tailored solutions and multiple options for different budgets and requirements.

Day and night, we’ll come over to your place and assess your security needs. As a first step, we will evaluate your property’s vulnerabilities and we will help you with tested solutions. Depending on your security weaknesses and issues, our professional locksmiths will recommend the most suitable high-security locks. Please note, that it’s important to have an expert to help you choose the best locking mechanisms, according to your security requirements and your budget.

3. Professional Perfectly Executed Door Lock Installation:

When it comes to your door locks security levels, a proper installation is essential. There’s no point in investing in high-security locks if the installation is poorly done. So, take care of your property and ask for Londoner Locksmith to help with a perfectly executed installation.

Our locksmiths are ready to come to your place and help you install various high-security locks. They will always work with maximum precision and efficiency. Rest assured, your locks will be fitted securely. Londoner Locksmith will make sure you are insurance-approved and ensure maximum protection for your property.

4. Upgraded Protection:

High-security door locks are the best way to protect yourself from intruders. So, always try and choose the best high-security locks for better protection. Whether we are talking about wooden doors, uPVC doors or composite doors, it is essential to choose the best security options available.

Replace or upgrade your old locks to newer and better door locks. Day and night, we can provide locks that have anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-bump features on the spot. By installing these insurance-approved locks (key to key or thumb turn) you will significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and you will be upgrading the overall security level of your premises. Enhance the safety of your house or business by choosing the best locks and security options for your doors.

Complete defence with secured solutions

Here are some of the security solutions that an advanced high-security lock will offer:

  • anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-bump mechanisms that make it extremely challenging for intruders to manipulate or compromise the lock.

  • more complex locks than standard locks that require specialized skills, tools, and time to bypass.

  • the lock’s durability significantly increased – resistant to physical attacks such as drilling.

  • visible heavy-duty lock cylinders, strike plates, and conspicuous warning signs.

5. Emergency Repair Services:

For emergency repairs, our residential and commercial locksmiths will help you with door locks anytime. So, you can always rely on our team when it comes to high-security door locks. We understand there are times when a door lock has to be fitted fast and you won’t have the time to wait for services and parts. That’s why our 24h emergency locksmith team is ready to help you in case there’s an attempted break-in, for example.

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our emergency lock repair services can help with any door lock issues and with a wide range of replacements. Discover a fast service and let us handle any issue.

6. Fast Tailored Solutions:

Are you ready to hire a locksmith to help you with tailored solutions for your property? Maybe need to open a locked door lock, to install a keyed-alike system, a latch or handle replacement, a new mortice lock installation or internal door lock solutions. Sometimes we can even help with smart locks or more complicated systems. So, from standard locksmith solutions to more complete solutions, we can help with door locks in minutes.

Please remember, that every property is different. This means everyone has different security needs, hence different prices. We can customise our home services to meet your specifics and preferences.

7. Peace of Mind:

Get the peace of mind you need with Londoner Locksmith! We are sure you will be more relaxed knowing that your property is well protected. Secure your premises by installing high-security door locks. Our experts will provide the best quality replacements and will also do a professional fitting for you. A high-security lock has no value when the installation is not perfect. Therefore, your security is in the capable hands of our dedicated fully-trained locksmiths.

High-Security Locks For Residential And Business Premises

High-security locks are a great defence of any home or business security system. They provide an extra line of protection against break-ins and burglaries and are designed to be more difficult to pick, drill or bypass than traditional locks.

The highest level of security currently offered on the market is what Londoner Locksmith’s high-security locks are designed to provide. The strongest materials were used in constructing these locks, which have been proven to withstand even the most determined attempts at forced entry.

Here are some examples of some of the most common high-security locks, deadlocks and sashlocks found in London:

  • Yale High-Security Locks
  • Mul-T-Lock Deadbolts, Interactive + Euro Profile Cylinders
  • Banham Cylinder Locks
  • Chubb Locks
  • Abloy Deadbolts and Assa Abloy Cylinder Locks
  • EVVA High-Security Locks
  • Ingersoll Locks
  • ISEO Cylinder Locks
  • Medeco Deadbolts
  • Era Fortress Deadbolts
  • Union StrongBOLT Mortice Locks
  • Legge Rim Cylinder Locks
  • CISA Euro Profile Cylinders
  • ASEC Euro Profile Double Cylinder Locks
  • Garrison Euro Profile Cylinders
  • Ultion High-Security Locks With Lockdown Mode
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Advantages of Installing High-Security Locks

  • lock picking resistance – distinctive keyways and internal mechanisms that are more complex. Furthermore, there are drill-resistant plates as part of high-security locks and this would make it more difficult to drill through the lock.

  • these door locks are designed to resist bumping – a technique that involves using a special “bump key” that forces the pins inside the lock and it will be open. High-security locks often have special pins that are designed to resist this technique.

  • can’t be drilled because locks are made of hardened steel and resistant materials to cutting and sawing.

  • has advanced features such as key control. This way, only authorized individuals can make copies of the keys when using the unique security card.

Call Londoner Locksmith To Install High-Security Locks In Minutes

Londoner Locksmith is to help you install and replace high-security locks in minutes. We can here understand how important is to protect your home or business. The number of break-ins and burglaries is on the rise and we have to help you upgrade the security anytime we have the chance. That’s why we have a wide range of high-security locks available at all times.

Protect yourself from burglaries with better locks

Standard locks are not enough to protect you properly. That is why we carry all types of locks, including mortice locks, levers, latch, cylinder and so on. With us, you can get an added layer of protection against break-ins and burglaries.

By installing a high-security locking system, you can be sure you will have a lock that is more difficult to pick, drill, or bypass than traditional locks. Londoner Locksmith offers a variety of high-security locks that offer the highest level of protection available on the market. Contact us today to help you keep your property safe and secure.

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