London Lockout Services

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Why Londoner Locksmith? Because we can provide London lockout services in minutes! Get the best lockout service near me now.

Are you looking for London lockout services? If you are locked outside right now and try to gain access to your property we are here to help. Londoner Locksmith is here to serve you and open any door in minutes. So, if you are locked out of the house, flat, or business, we can solve any problem with the fastest response in London. If you are a Londoner (or just visiting) you can count on our fast and quality service whenever you have a lock-related problem. Moreover, if you are interested in knowing more about the latest home security solutions, or if you just need a new cylinder lock changed, our top locksmiths are here, available to help anytime.

Londoner Locksmith is a residential and commercial locksmith, helping Londoners to get inside their houses for years. Therefore, we can solve a complete range of lockout situations. Find the best solution for your door and gain access with Londoner London. We install, repair, and replace any type of door locks.

Call now for 24-hour emergency locksmiths for the London lockout services. Our lockout service near me is available 24h. 

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London Lockout Services

24 hours London Lockout Services

Looking for 24 hours London Lockout Services? Emergency lock outs London are pretty common and we can help. Londoner Locksmith provides unbeatable house and commercial lockout solutions at all times! If you find yourself locked out of your house, locked out of your apartment, or your business, give our team a call and we will help you out with a fast solution.

Our locksmiths are available 24 hours and they will use special tools to unlock, replace, and reinstall locks. More than that, their goal is to open the door quickly, without damaging your property. We are working on home and business lockouts all the time, so we have the knowledge and expertise to help. Call our 24h emergency locksmith team and let us save your day with your best option for “lockout service near me”. 

Home Lockout

The best feeling after a long working day in the city is when you know you will finally get home. Commuting across London can be tiring and time-consuming. So, when you are in front of your house ready to reach for your keys and open the front door, everything seems to be done. But, the unpredictable can happen! Maybe the door is stuck, maybe you’ve lost your key, or you’ve just broken the key into the lock while trying to get in. You were so close but still… so far away. 

Now, if you’ve locked yourself out of your house or locked out of your apartment, you will need a solution. Maybe you are looking for the best ” door unlock service near me “. Give our team a call and we will help you out with our London lockout services. Moreover, our locksmiths are available 24 hours. 

15-30 Minutes Away

If you are calling for an emergency request, our locksmith team is ready to come to you. We pride ourselves on the fastest response time possible for ” lockout services near me “. Our emergency locksmiths are starting to come to your place as soon as you give us a call and share with us your location. Get the best ” door unlockers near me ” fast. 

The mobile locksmiths are reliable,  fully equipped, highly trained, and ready to move fast. They are used to working under pressure all day and they will sort out your lock issue quickly. Usually, our response time is 15-30 minutes but it varies. It depends on how busy it gets during the day, on the traffic or weather conditions. But, no worries, our punctual locksmiths will be in touch with you at all times. 

Deadbolts / Cylinders / Locks Installation

After a serious lockout, most of the time, the final solution is a lock change. Usually, when you find yourself outside and you have the key, the lock got damaged and can’t be fixed. Therefore, our specialized team carries around the city all types of locks.

You can find a wide variety on the spot, so they will be able to offer the replacement you need for any lock change. We have knowledge and experience in installing all types of locks, including deadbolt locks, mortise locks, cylindrical locks, cabinet locks, code locks, and more. More than that, our technicians will install only good-quality locks made by the leading manufacturers including Mul-T-Lock, Yale, Era, Evva, Banham, and more. 

Repair Lock Service

If you notice that your lock is not working as usual you need to stop trying to fix it yourself and ask an expert to come over. If the parts of the lock are not completely damaged, the locksmith can help easily with a lock repair. Sometimes, the locks can be fixed with just minor adjustments, or with a simple lock cylinder replacement.

That’s the main reason why you should ask an expert residential locksmith to come as soon as you notice or feel something different with your lock. 

Commercial Lockouts

We know it’s hard to believe but commercial lockouts are very common in our company. We get calls for commercial lockouts really often and there are various reasons for that. Most of the time, forgetting or misplacing the keys is the main reason for the lockouts. But sometimes, it can be a lock malfunctioning, or a key broken into the lock.

If you don’t wanna be forced to shut down work for the day and send your employees back home, try to stay calm and call a locksmith. Please don’t attempt to forcefully open the doors or break in through the windows, most likely you will cause more damage to your business and the costs of the repairs will be higher.


Expert Security Techinians

Our technicians are ready for any type of locksmith service required. They are preparing months for this job and keep on training regularly for specific locks. So, whether you need to install a new lock on the front door or change your locks, they will know how to approach every situation.

So, if you are in need of a good emergency locksmith service, rest assured that our locksmiths will help you. Ask for a trained professional to come from the beginning and your locks will be one of your best security investments! 

Lost Keys Solution

If you are locked out of your house or have lost your house keys, we will always come up with a quick solution. So, we aim to open the door professionally and to get to you inside fast! Our professionals have solutions for your keys lost or for the eventuality of keys forgot inside. We are able to try different methods until we have results. All doors and locks are the same but different, in one way or another.

Everything depends on context but Londoner Locksmiths employs only capable professional Locksmiths. They are using the latest technology and techniques and they can almost guarantee that will gain entry to your house with no door damage. The door opening is done by lock picking or drilling the lock, depending on each case.

Open Any Door: Front Door, Patio Door, Garage

Most of the time, the locksmith will be able to open all types of locks and doors. No matter if you have traditional British front door locks or a back door stuck if it won’t open we will come and open it for you. Our locksmiths are constantly opening top locks for front doors, bottom locks for front doors, patio door locks, interior or exterior sliding doors, folding doors, uPVC mechanisms, and more.

Moreover, they can open garage door locks, bike locks, mailbox locks so on and so forth. So, if you think you have a particular situation, just ask our professional team if we can do your job, we will do our best to do it. 

Gain Access to Your Property / Eviction

When you are a landlord and you wanna finalize the eviction of a tenant, your last steps would be to open the door of your property and change the locks. If the tenants in the difficult side and won’t let you in, you might need our professional door opening services.

Of course, the bailiffs will be present as well during this operation. An eviction can be stressful but our technicians are experts and they know how to deal with every situation. It is important to have someone to help you in these stressful times. 

Unlock / Gain Access To Any Space

Ask for our Unlocking services and a locksmith will come over to open your door without a key! Yes, it’s possible, but only experienced locksmiths will manage to sort it out in any situation. Not all the London lockout services are as good as they seem on the Internet.

But our mobile locksmith team has the necessary experience and the best tools available to help with all the emergency lockout requests we have day by day. Londoner Locksmith is an expert in opening or breaking locks and they will gain access into any space: from a cabinet lock to a high-security front door set of locks. 

The key keeps turning into the lock

Is your key turning around and the door won’t open? If the lock won’t engage you have no other choice than to call a specialist to fix the issue. If a lock is old and the key is stuck into the lock or just spinning around, there are some methods of solving this issue.

A stiff, slow turn could also lead to a key getting stuck in the lock. An expert will know how to manage any of these situations and make the lock usable again if that is the case. No matter what, you need to be able to get inside your house and use the lock in order to be secured. Ask an expert to help!

Mailbox Open / U-Lock Bike Open

Have you lost your mailbox key? Or the key that opens the lock our your bike chain? In any situation, when you need a way to gain access you can call our company. Having access to the postal box is a must in the UK because all the important letters are coming to your address.

Therefore, if you don’t have a key to your mailbox, we will help you out quickly. We can also offer replacement locks for the standard mailboxes. The same applies to the situation of bike or motorbike lock removal. Working for Deliveroo or Uber Eats and lost your key? Our locksmith will help you to cut off the chain and you will have your bike or motorbike back in minutes. 

Helping Met Police To Secure Londoners

Our locksmiths don’t just work during normal business hours and often happen to assist law enforcement with different tasks. For example, when police officers need to access a facility because they suspect criminal activity, they often call our locksmiths for help. More than that, our team occasionally assists the forensic activities, helping investigators to identify entry methods or security system weaknesses.

Therefore, in case of a break-in or an attempt of a break-in, don’t hesitate to call us. We are professionals with many years of experience in London and that’s all that matters when calling the locksmiths.  


Highest Quality Of Locksmith Services

When you’ve locked yourself out it’s hard to find a quick professional locksmith available in your area. Many of the locksmith companies in London are not actually doing quality checks with their technicians. But we pride ourselves on the quality of our emergency services! We are constantly training our team to offer the best quality in the shortest time.

For us, the quality of our services it’s really important and that’s why we can offer a guarantee of our work and the locks we use. We aim to install only British Standard locks, offering a good security level to all our consumers. 

Reasons why you can get locked out of house

Are you wondering how is it possible to get locked out of house? Here are some of the most common reasons why someone might get locked out of the house:

1. Lost keys

In London, this is one of the most common reasons for getting locked out of house. We are constanlty getting calls from customers looking for solution after they lose keys or forget where placed them. Of course, in such situation, the customer won’t be able to enter his home. We are here to help gain access to any property. 

2. Key stuck in lock

Of couse, another issue can be a key that can get stuck in the lock. This is making it difficult or most likely impossible for any homeowner to turn and unlock the lock on a door. We will come with fast solutions.

3. Lock malfunctions 

As any other mechanical thing, locks can experience wear and tear over time. Here we are talking about regular lock malfunction, especially for the really basic ones with no special features. Of course, lock malfunctions can prevent the key from working correctly in the lock. Prevent a lockout as soon as you notice that a lock is not working as usual. 

4. Broken key

It can be a lock malfuncion but the keys can break as well. A key can break into the lock anytime and make it impossible for you to access your house. If the keys are old or got damaged, it is most likely a good chance to leave you in front of your door. Prevent a broken key issue and change your lock as soon as you notice a malfunction. We are sure you don’t wanna be locked outside your house. 

5. Faulty door handle or latch

Sometimes it can be an issue with more than just the lock itself. When calling a locksmith for help, he will definitely be able to tell if it’s the door handle or latch mechanism. A faulty locking mechanism can prevent the door lock from opening, even when you have a good key with you. Reach out and we will help.

6. Locked the door without the keys 

Another common reason why you might get locked out would be when you forget the keys and have no key to open the lock. Of course, when having a busy schedule, it’s easy to get locked out accidentally. For example, you can forget the keys somewhere or you can close the door behind you with no keys in your possession. Also, it can be another issue such as locking the keys inside when leaving home. Don’t worry, it happened to all of us and it still happens on a daily basis to our customers in London. So, you might accidentally lock your keys inside the house and usually there’s nothing you can do about it if nobody has a spare key.

7. Weather-related issues 

There’s another common problem with door locks, and this starts with weather-related issues. In some extreme weather conditions, doors can swell, warp, or freeze. This will make it difficult for you to insert or turn the key into the lock as normally.

8. Locking mechanism damage 

Of couse, sometimes the lockout can be the result of a more important issue that just the cylinder or the lock. For example, it can be a locking mechanism damage. This can be the result of an attempted break-ins or vandalism. No matter what is the reason, when the lock becomes unusable you should be getting in touch with a locksmith right away. Find a local locksmith near you right now with Londoner Locksmith.

London Lockout Services

Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are an expert team and we are happy to help you anytime.

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