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Why Londoner Locksmith? Because we are that experienced ,, local residential locksmith '' you can trust.

Are you a tenant / a house owner looking for residential locksmith services? Are locked outside as of right now and looking for a local locksmith? Do you need to gain access to the property after you locked yourself out of your house? Or do you just need a lock to be changed in your new apartment? Whatever service you need, from a lock installation on a new door lock to a door opening, Londoner Locksmith is your local locksmith. We are here to serve you.

You can count on our fast and quality service anytime. Moreover, if you are interested in knowing more about the latest home security solutions, or if you just need a new cylinder lock changed, our locksmiths are available to help. In conclusion, our professional locksmith’s team can handle all your home security problems to make sure that your family will be safe and secure.

Londoner Locksmith is a residential locksmith, helping Londoners to get inside their houses for years. Therefore, we can provide a complete range of residential locksmith services and solutions for the residents of London. We install, repair, and replace any types of door locks, safes, doors, and gates.

Call now for 24-hour emergency locksmiths. We are available any time, day or night. Get in touch for residential locksmith services now. 

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Residential Locksmith Services

Londoner Locksmith Approved

Looking for an approved 24-hour residential locksmith in London? Our team provides residential lockout solutions at the highest industry standards. Rest assured, we are being extra cautious when working within your home. We specialize in installing and repairing home door hardware including deadbolt locks, high-security locks, mortise locks, and so on. In addition, our locksmiths are experts in the supply and installation of all types of locks. So, if you need a fast locksmith, our 24-hour approved team is ready to help anytime.  

Home Lockout Solutions

A lockout can be caused by different reasons and let’s say it like this: it’s not your fault most of the time. But, it happens to everyone, more often than you might think. The most common reasons why the Londoners are locked out of their homes are lost, forgotten, or stolen keys; jammed door lock; keys locked inside the house; key broken in the keyhole; broken hardware.

No worries, Londoner Locksmith is your 24-hour local locksmith. We know all the solutions for any of these situations. Call for residential lockout or apartment lockout service. Reach when looking for the best home lockout service near me.

Lock Installation Service

When you are in need of a new lock installation, our 24 hour residential locksmith services are the solution. You may need our services when you move into a new house or you just need to secure a door. It is common to call a locksmith when you want locks added to your existing doors for extra security. Also, our local locksmiths are often called for lock upgrades or security upgrades. Besides a better security level that helps you stay secure, many Londoners are installing locks as a response to their home insurance request. 

Lock Change Service

A door lock is a solid piece of equipment but with daily wear and tear, the lock can get faulty. So, in case of a broken lock, it is important to have it replaced as soon as possible. Avoid the probability of getting locked out of your home and do not ignore a lock problem. Our local locksmith has the knowledge and expertise to replace almost any type of lock.

More than that, our locksmiths can change all types of residential locks from the leading lock manufacturers like Yale, Mul-T-Lock, Banham, Asec, Union, and so on.

Repair Lock Service

If you notice that your lock is not working as usual you need to stop trying to fix it yourself and ask an expert to come over. If the parts of the lock are not completely damaged, the local locksmith can help easily with a lock repair. Sometimes, the locks can be fixed with just minor adjustments, or with a simple lock cylinder replacement.

That’s the main reason why you should ask an expert residential locksmith to come as soon as you notice or feel something different with your lock. Ask us to come anytime, we work 24 hour.

Security Lock Upgrade

The lock upgrade is recommended in all cases and we can’t stress enough how important is to have a secured house. In 2021, houses are getting more secure and more secure. The high-security level of your house should be an investment and you shouldn’t skip the opportunity of protecting your most important valuables. As you might know, prevention is the key to everything. Our 24 hour local locksmith can handle all types of locks, including deadbolt locks, knob locks, lever handle locks, mortise locks, high-security locks, and more. 

Unlocking Door Methods

When it comes to door unlocking, our technicians are prepared to respond in the shortest time. They use the most effective method for each door, starting with the simple methods to the ones that require power if that’s the case. We have a 98% success rate when it comes to door unlocking. Therefore, it’s fair to say we can unlock any door in London.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help you unlock your door and gain access to your house 24 hour. So, give Londoner Locksmith a call and we will have you back inside in no time. 

24h Lockmsmith Near Me

The best part of using our residential locksmith service, besides the quality of the labor, is our availability around the clock. So, there is no bad time to call our office and book a locksmith. We can help with emergencies 24 hour – so call us and book a locksmith whenever you are in need. More than that, we can offer any assistance you might need.

Therefore, whether you find yourself locked out of your home, or you’ve recently experienced a break-in attempt we will provide the reliable and quick emergency locksmith you need. Late nights and early mornings, we’ll be there.

Safe Opening

Have you lost your safe key and you are locked out of your safe? There is still hope to open that safe! Londoner Locksmith strives to offer non-destructive safe opening procedures wherever it’s possible. We will help you gain access to your safe with simple methods but this is not always the case. Therefore, you can expect us to drill the safe with our special diamond drill.

No worries, the 24 hour locksmith will discuss everything with you and he will let you know what’s the solution when he sees the problem. Either way, regardless of the method of access, we will not damage your contents. 

Speedy Night Locksmith

Whether it’s 5:00 AM or 10:00 PM, we will answer your call! No matter what time it is, we work night shifts all the time. So, we will be able to provide you the residential services you are requesting in the shortest time. Our speedy locksmiths are on-call 24 hours a day for all types of locksmith work including emergency locksmith services, lock-outs, lock changes, or burglary repairs.

We can provide all the services at any time, 24 hour , including weekends and holidays. So, think no more and give us a call!

Keyed Alike System

More and more often our clients are asking for a keyed alike system in their home. Keyed alike means just one key fits all locks. For example, you can access your front and back door locks using the same key! Less is more even when it comes to locks and we can help. Changing all your locks to be keyed alike is only possible if the locks are all compatible.

No worries, our 24 hour locksmiths are able to help you with advice in this direction and they can also make the changes in one day. Having your locks keyed alike is very beneficial if you wanna save valuable time and not compromise on security. 

All Types Of Locks Available

Our 24 hour locksmiths are able to provide all types of locks and they can offer several brands and color options on-spot. The major locks manufacturer we are using is the following: Yale, Mul-t-lock, Banham, EVVA, ABS, Asec, Dormakaba, Era, Versa, Assa Abloy, Union, Fullex, Avocet, TSS, Ultion, Winkhaus, Briton, Hoppe, Iseo, Abus, MasterLock, Adam Rite, Ingersoll, Fuhr, Codelocks, Cisa, Chamelon, Chubb, Legge, Ronis and so on.

If you have a preferred brand not mentioned already, get in touch and we will check with our providers. Also, in some situations, we can provide custom-made locks upon request.  

uPVC Mechanisms Repairs

Do you have problems with your uPVC door? The locking problems with the uPVC mechanisms are pretty common. Sometimes, the problem is just the door alignment and, in these situations, the mechanism can be repaired by a professional locksmith. Be careful, realigning the door is a job that needs to be done by a professional only! So, choosing a qualified, experienced locksmith for your UPVC door lock repair is a must. UPVC door mechanisms can be complex and require a lot of experience and knowledge. 

Call our local locksmith now and let us take care of your home security. 

Door Mechanism Replacement

In some cases, a multipoint lock fails. In this case, you need to have your door mechanism replaced as soon as possible. Replacing a mechanism is not an easy task and you definitely need an expert to help.

So, if you need a multipoint UPVC lock replacement, our specialists will locate your spare parts with our suppliers in the shortest time. Sometimes, it’s impossible to find the exact match but we’ll help you find the closest replacement. For this type of professional solution, you will need to hire a 24 hour properly-knowledgeable expert locksmith.  

Helping Met Police To Secure Londoners

Our 24 hour locksmiths don’t just work during normal business hours and often it happens to assist law enforcement with different tasks. For example, when police officers need to access a facility because they suspect criminal activity, they often call our locksmiths.

More than that, our team occasionally assists the forensic activities, helping investigators to identify entry methods or security system weaknesses. Therefore, in case of a break-in or an attempt of a break-in, don’t hesitate to call. Call us and an expert will know what’s the best solution for your home security.


Fast Emergency Call Out

In a buzzing city like London, it is essential to have access to 24 hour residential locksmiths whenever you might be in need of one. So, in the big city that never sleeps, the Londoners have different working schedules and different activities. Because we can understand the diversity of the city, all types of emergencies and all types of priorities can occur. Therefore, we will make your residential security a priority for us. 

That’s why our residential locksmiths services company is working around the clock, with no exceptions. Moreover, we can help you with any lock at any hour. Our response time can be as quick as 15 – 20 minutes after your call, but it depends on the availability of the locksmiths and on traffic conditions.

After Burglary Repairs

After a burglary or a burglary attempt, one of the first things you need to think about is how to secure better and quicker your family and your house. Have a professional residential locksmiths over in minutes. Definitely, he can have a proper security assessment of your door locks on-spot. It is important to call an experienced technician that will make sure you will not have the same issue again. For example, some contractors install deadbolts improperly, and the big box stores sell locks that are easily picked.

But sometimes the criminals use sophisticated tools to gain access to houses easily if the locks are not strong enough. No worries, our trained locksmiths will find the solution to keep burglars away. So, invest in high-security locks from highly recognized brands. 


Emergency Locksmiths 24h

One of the main advantages of using our 24 hour emergency locksmith service is the speedy process and wide availability of locks and technicians. Everything is mobile about our residential locksmith services and all you have to do is to give us a call – we will handle everything else from here. Once our residential locksmith has analyzed the problem, he will offer you several available options according to the condition of the lock, your needs, and your budget. Your home security is important and we will take care of that.

You can choose to have the same or similar lock installed, or to take the opportunity for an upgrade to a more secured lock. Once you decide, the locksmith will carry out the work to the highest standard.

More About Residential Locksmith Service

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Do not hesitate to give us a call if you need residential locksmith services. We are an expert team and we are happy to help you anytime. Don’t forget, you can get in touch with residential locksmiths 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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