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Why Londoner Locksmith? Because we are that experienced ,, local residential locksmith '' you can trust.

Are you looking for a 24h emergency locksmith? Do you need to gain access to the property after you locked yourself out of your house?  From a lock installation on a door lock to a door opening, Londoner Locksmith is here to serve you as soon as you need. You can count on our fast and quality emergency locksmiths service anytime. Moreover, if you are interested in knowing more about the latest home security solutions, or if you just need a new cylinder lock changed, our locksmiths are available to help.

Londoner Locksmith is a top emergency locksmith company, helping Londoners to get inside their houses for years. Therefore, we can provide a complete range of services and solutions for the residents and visitors of London. We install, repair, and replace any types of door locks, safes, doors, and gates.

Call now for 24-hour emergency locksmiths. We are available 24/7, day or night.

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24h Emergency Services

Gain access to your property

No matter what you need, if you live in London, you will find a solution! The same applies to the situation when you need someone to come over to your place and open your door for you. Misplacing your keys is a common mistake and it happens to many Londoners. London makes you have busy daily life: you have to run from a place to another, to keep up with the commuting schedule and remember all the tasks of the day –  it is normal to have a moment when you forget about your keys. Luckily, Londoner Locksmith can arrive at any location to gain access to your property or to open your locks for you within minutes. 

Always At Your Service

Our company is based in central London but our locksmiths are living locally. They cover a group of postcodes each, therefore, our reach is widespread. More than that, you can count on us every day! We are working around the clock, any time, day or night including weekends and holidays. More than that, our expert team is the go-to choice among the Londoners because of our wide industry knowledge and reliability. Please note, we serve all the main areas of the city with our local locksmiths available 24 hours. We are available any time of the day, to be called upon by our community in any urgent emergency matter. Save our number now!

Quick Emergency Assistance

We can understand the emergency matter of everyone’s situation and we will do our best to offer the fastest response possible. Usually, the promptness of our response time depends on the availability of the local locksmiths and on traffic/weather conditions. Our main goal is to provide professional efficient locksmith services at competitive rates around London. From commercial to residential locksmith issues, we will handle every single project with care and close attention. Call our 24h emergency locksmith now and we will quickly help you to sort it out.

Home/Business Lockouts

Londoner Locksmith provides unbeatable house and commercial lockout services 24 hours. If you find yourself locked out of your house, locked out of your apartment, or your business, give our team a call and we will help you out. Our locksmiths are available 24 hours and they will use specialist tools to unlock, replace, and reinstall locks, without damaging your property. We are working on home/businesses lockouts all the time, and it happens to everyone more often than you think. Stop blaming yourself for this situation and start solving it. Call our 24h emergency locksmith now and let us save your day.

Deadbolt / Cylinder / Lock Installation

We have knowledge and experience in installing all types of locks, including deadbolt locks, mortise locks, cylindrical locks, cabinet locks, code locks, and more. Each home and business require different locks and security features. Our locksmiths will suggest the best options for any doors, according to the client’s requests and budget. More than that, they install only the high-quality locks made by the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Mul-T-Lock, Yale, Era, and more. Once you have chosen your locks, our trained and licensed locksmiths will carry out the professional installation.

Repair Lock Service

If your lock is broken and you need to fix it, our locksmiths are ready to help. Sometimes, when the lock you have on your door is old, there’s a chance to cause more issues in the future if you just ignore the problem. Therefore, we recommend you have one of our locksmiths over. They will let you know what part of the lock needs replacing if it’s possible to have a fixed lock. Otherwise, a possible solution would be to have the entire lock replaced. They will offer the quickest and most cost-effective solution – sometimes it’s better to replace than fix. But at the end of the day, you will decide if you wish to repair, replace or upgrade your faulty lock.

15-30 Minutes Away

There’s always a local technician available near you. So, give us a call any time and in about 15 minutes – 30 minutes someone will be there. Locked out of your office? Or just realized you’ve lost your keys to your apartment? Our 24-hour locksmiths are prepared to assist you with all your emergency locksmith needs. Our response time is always minimum because our locksmiths are spread across London, covering every single postcode of the city. So, if you are living in the city and you need an emergency locksmith, we can help!

Expert Security Techinians

Our highly qualified and experienced security technicians are available 24 hours throughout London. As expert locksmiths, they know how to solve any lock problems you might have. Also, they will get you out of any emergency situation. Mostly, our locksmith team can accomplish all emergency locksmith tasks using the most advanced locksmith tools and equipment. Therefore, Londoner Locksmith is able to provide the highest quality of locksmith services around the clock. So, call Londoner Locksmith for 24h emergency locksmith services in London and emergency services with the fastest response time in the city.

Speedy Night Locksmith

We can understand that all the lockouts are really unpredictable, most of the time. When a night lockout happens, it can get even worst! Most of the time, the landlords or the real estate agents are not picking up the phones to ask for a second key in case you’ve lost your key. Moreover, many of them don’t even keep a second key! So, your only solution to gain access to your property in the middle of the night would be to call a 24h locksmith. With us, whatever your locksmith emergency is, remember that our expert locksmiths are only 15-30 minutes away. We will help you to get in at any time.

After Break In Locksmiths 24h

As we can imagine, having your home burglarized during nighttime is a traumatic experience but you need to find a solution to secure back your house. Your safety and well-being could be exposed after a break-in. Therefore, you need to find a way to be safe and secure again, especially if the thief will try to return to your home for another attempt. So, think no more and hire an expert locksmith like Londoner Locksmith for an essential preventative measure. Firstly, it may appear excessive, but a deeper consideration shows that using a lock expert will only offer you and your family greater peace of mind. Secure yourself better and invest in better locks!

Eviction Assitance For Landlords

Do you need to gain access to your property and scheduled the bailiff to help you? Well, first of all,  in this case, you will need a locksmith to open the door of the property for you. You need to gain access to your property even if the tenant doesn’t open the door and, most importantly, you wanna make sure he doesn’t come back after the eviction! Therefore, you can book our experienced eviction locksmiths and they will tell you exactly what to do to be safe. We offer guaranteed entry on eviction day and we can help with door open and lock change op the same visit. 

Storefront Doors Security

Your commercial space needs to be safe and secured at all times. Therefore, you need to have a 24h emergency locksmith nearby whenever you need. If an unpredictable situation comes up, he can be at your place in minutes. The technician will make sure that locks are working and malfunctioning locks are fixed or replaced as soon as possible. 

All Types Of Locks Available

Our locksmiths are able to provide all types of locks and they can offer several brands and color options on-spot. The major locks manufacturer we are using is the following: Yale, Mul-t-lock, Banham, EVVA, ABS, Asec, Dormakaba, Era, Versa, Assa Abloy, Union, Fullex, Avocet, TSS, Ultion, Winkhaus, Briton, Hoppe, Iseo, Abus, MasterLock, Adam Rite, Ingersoll, Fuhr, Codelocks, Cisa, Chamelon, Chubb, Legge, Ronis and so on. If you have a preferred brand not mentioned already, get in touch and we will check with our providers. Also, in some situations, we can provide custom-made locks upon request.  

Office Lock Replacement

No matter what type of business you have, an office needs to be secured and safe. The core of your business has to be protected from all the curious people around. So, how else could you protect it better if not with a strong durable lock? More than that, you might have in mind a lock that can offer access only to certain people – a simple key can be easily passed from one to another. With a code lock, for example, you can choose who has access to your office and you can easily change that with a simple code change. Start protecting your office and call our 24h emergency locksmith to install a new restricted lock. He will present you with more options. 

Highest Quality Of Locksmith Services

A locksmith doesn’t need a license to operate across the UK. So, you have to be careful when calling a locksmith. Do your research and call a real professional if you want high-quality services at your place. When installing a new lock, a newbie or an untrained locksmith can cause more damage to your door than you can imagine. Therefore, you have to pay attention if your locksmith is trained and knowledgeable. Our company offers only experienced locksmiths, technicians that are used to operate in London and know how to handle any door in London. If you are looking for high-quality services, call Londoner Locksmith now.

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