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Why it's Important to Have a Security Door Lock?

What is a secure door lock?

A secure door lock is a lock installed on any door (usually on the front and the back door, but could be on any door which protects assets of different kinds and importance) and it has the ability and security features to secure and protect usually what’s found on the other side of the door. We’re saying “usually” because there are few exceptions, but we will touch on those points later on in this article.

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Our suppliers have a broad product range including all door locks and locks latches. Our goal at the moment is to provide high-quality products and excellent customer service. When our locksmiths will help with replacements, you’re assured to you’ll get the best quality stock at any hour.

At your request, we offer the best locks on the market with high-quality security systems you can trust. So, we will sort you out and you’ll have the best locks fitted at any location.

Secure door lock approved by Londoner Locksmith

A secure door lock is not just one specific lock. It comes in different shapes and measurements and could be a euro cylinder, mortice lock, cylinder lock, or even a night latch. A secure door lock can be by any leading brand like the Yale lock or Chubb lock, etc.

More than that, we also have less-known brands by the average person who’s not a lock smith, but which are recognized in the lock smith industry as being best in providing security. For us, the properties of the locks are a priority, therefore we will always recommend Ultion, Ingersoll, Union, ABS, etc.

What is the difference between a secure door lock and any other average installed door lock?

The difference between a secure and a non-secure lock stays in the security features of the security locks. So, even if the security lock even may look the same as a normal (average) lock, the difference between them could be huge.

The reason for the locks having the same shape is for universal fitting purposes (i.e. euro cylinder, cylinder lock), situations in which the security features are hidden from an untrained eye, although are easily spotted by a lock smith.

Sometimes, different shapes or measurements of a door lock can make the difference between an average and a secure lock. For example, although both have the same measurements, a Chubb (aka Union) mortice lock can be different from the other 5 lever mortice lock. The same can apply to a standard (normal) night latch with its modest rectangular shape and a bigger security night latch. Therefore, when it comes to locks, everything depends on your particular circumstances and requests.

What is a "standard" door lock?

How security is perceived?

A standard front door usually has installed standard locks on it, either cylinder (popular barrel or round cylinder), euro cylinder, or mortice lock. By standard lock, we’re referring to the normal lock without any special security features, which performs a simple function of just opening/closing the door without providing any security.

Of course, you may think that once you close the lock or all the locks of your door, the property is secured. On a lock change survey among our customers, we found out that less than 5% close all the front door locks when leaving the property last and less than 20% of that 5% knew the importance of having secure locks on the front door, the majority thinking that once the locks are closed they are safe and as many locks installed as better the security it is, which is not entirely untrue.

So, based on our lock change requests, it’s important to mention that the vast majority of our customers have heard about the Yale brand and they perceive it as being a secure lock. But, in reality, almost every brand, has its own range of locks that includes standard and secure features. Usually, the locks are ranging from the most common front and back doors to any affordability.

It’s also important to mention that the back door safe is equally important as the front door and we recommend having a look at the door lock security or asking for our advice.

Just a door lock vs more locks on the same door

Before moving on, we’d like to refer to that part where the customers think that if they have more door locks installed, that provides better security. So, we want to touch on a few key factors that may change your mind and your lock change perspective.

Yes, speaking about the front door, you can install as many front door locks as the door space permits, but ask yourself a few questions before taking such a decision. Is that making the door safer? Is that practical? Will the front door look good after installing 5 locks on it?

We’d gladly answer all these types of questions in detail and deliver you that service by sending you a professional lock smith to assess your security front and back door. Whenever it’s necessary, you can book with us a security survey for your doors. Find local locksmith for your location 24 hours!

How a lock smith can secure my property?

As a lock smith company, we classify the security levels of the locks. So, we are not only providing services like installing or fitting door locks like cylinder locks, 5 lever mortice locks, and rim cylinders. Normally, we start a job by assessing the exits and potential break-in points of the property. For example, a window can be easily a weak point in getting into a property if the lock of the window is weak.

Delivery of a service like just lock change is a no-brainer job. Assessing the property and finding a balanced solution in terms of security, that’s a problem with many results. Having results for all kinds of potential problems means not only having the whole range of door locks security but knowing what our customers can get in terms of security and services.

Lock Smith makes it easier for you to understand

Besides front doors and back door security, lock smith adds windows, external and internal basement doors, shutters and garden doors of course different doors mean different solutions for security door locks. The door range is wide and that makes the range of door locks and combine solutions for door locks to be wide.

External and internal security are installed on the same door. If you have 5 lever mortice lock, the external and internal door is the same. Also, if you have a rim cylinder attached to a night latch, doesn’t necessarily mean the external security is the same as the internal security (you could have a weak external rim cylinder or other cylinder locks attached to a good security night latch; different brands each part).

Internal extra security for windows can be achieved by adding new parts to the interior. Sometimes, the lock smith recommends internal extra security by adding a London bar (when the situation demands and it’s in completion with the night latch keeper). Normally, the lock smith company asks you to review the front door and all your external doors quality, before taking any actions of a lock change.

Of course, the security is not limited only to the above-mentioned examples as it could go on and on with an alarm system or CCTV. These are other good sources of security (not just door locks), as well as having your fences or front gate improved – if it’s the case.

What are the security features that a secure door lock can provide?

Anti picking

You’ve probably heard about the picking lock method of opening. It’s a well-known method of opening cylinder locks or euro cylinder and sometimes less secure mortice locks. However, the method could have both constructive and destructive results.

So, if you’re in a lock out situation, and the lock smith can pick your lock fast and release you to the property, that means you don’t have to change your lock – as it’s a non-destructive getting-in method. But, the other side of the coin is that your locks are usually standard locks (not really safe) – if they can be easily picked.

Normally, anti-picking locks can’t be picked. So, the range of security door locks are starting with this basic feature. Picking is a developed skill usually by a lock smith, but we prevent you that there are plenty of not well-intentioned individuals skilled picking cylinder locks out there! That being said, we would recommend you consider this and the next security feature: anti-drilling.


The anti-drill feature is not just a mortice lock feature, but it could be found in cylinders and euro cylinders as well. Practically, all doors could benefit from the anti-drill function of the locks. So, when a locksmith is about to open a door by drilling a mortice, he attacks the lever.

The technician is equipped with approved tools in order to open a mortice lock. A burglar (assuming that the mortice is closed) trying to open a 5 lever mortice equipped with just a drill, not only will draw attention to him but without proper skills, experience, and additional tools are doomed to fail.

That makes the mortice lock a secure lock and we always recommend to take in consideration adding a 5 lever mortice if non exists on the door/doors. If it’s the case, changing the locks if one of your locks doesn’t correspond with BS3621 insurance-complying model is always a good idea. For cylinders and rim cylinders, the anti-drill feature is invisible to an untrained eye and sometimes even for locksmiths.


It applies only to euro cylinders. A standard cylinder in an attempt to break in can be snapped. Once the cylinder broke, access to the euro profile is easy.

We advise you to strengthen the euro profile as well as the cylinder to have a completely secure mechanism – the euro cylinder when you turn the key into the, has the function to spin a bolt into the frame that’s another lock in completion with your euro cylinder. As a security feature, that mortice-like bolt can be anti-saw.

A secure cylinder lock with the anti-snap feature will act differently than a standard one. Whoever will try to snap it, the snapped part will come off, but the remaining part of the cylinder will hold the house secure, making further access to it harder than it was before. All the brands do the anti-snap feature slightly differently from another, but the idea behind is the same and applies to all cylinder locks that possess this feature.

All-in-one security features for door locks

Of course, not all types of cylinder locks are having the all-in-one security feature. Some of the cylinder locks are just anti-picking, some of them are anti-picking and anti-drill, while others have only the anti-picking and anti-snapping feature. But some of the cylinders will come with all-in-one security features.

This delivery of security features makes the available range wider and the affordability of the price easy to accommodate customers’ needs and wishes.

Keys security features (coded keys)

This applies mostly to the locks which already have all the above-mentioned features.

Mostly, the keys from these high-security cylinder locks are coded, meaning that instead of the usual key teeth that you are used to, have dots arranged in a specific order (that is the code). In this case, the code is also written on an additional security key cutting card.

Therefore, it will be impossible for whoever will try to duplicate the keys without a card, in a fraudulent way. Definitely, the key cutting points are not allowed to cut the keys to anyone who hasn’t the card with the code matching the code from the keys.

In conclusion, it’s hard for someone to have at the same time your keys and your card at the same time. Of course, the key cutting card (limited to one card per key) should be kept away from the key, if you wish to prevent fraudulent key duplication.

Other door locks security-related stuff

As we have previously mentioned, what our lock smith company could do for you in regards to door lock security and not only, is to let you know that the security does not stop here. We can improve not only the house security front door and back door.

Therefore, we can help you with internal security, as you probably need specific security for one of your rooms (mortice locks security still applies). Also, we can help you with your office security, as it may need to be protected from other employees or unwanted staff, or by bringing you the technology of smart or coded locks.

Moreover, we can improve your existing security with a better combination of change locks, or by adding different types of locks that have not been mentioned here. Regardless of your choices or needs, do not hesitate to contact our professional lock smith team before taking any action. Of course, the security of your space is always a delicate subject and we are here for it 24 hour. From a simple bathroom lock to highly secure front door locksets, we can open, replace and install anything that’s essential for your peace of mind.


In conclusion, speaking of security and safety, Londoner Locksmith company carries around a whole range of locks (starting from standard up to the highest level of security door locks) in terms of security and all type of well-known brands of locks.

So, whenever you are calling us, you can choose from secure and highly-secured locks we recommend: Ultion, ABS, EVVA, Mult-T-lock, Ingersoll, Banham, and so on. For business or residential services, call our number and get emergency locksmith help 24 hours : 07309666595 .

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